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AddOn for "Auto move" into range?

For starters, I haven't played WoW since like 2008.

I remember that back in the day when I last played, there was an option of some kind so that if I tried to cast, loot, or interact with a target that was out of range, instead of just saying "Out of Range" and doing nothing, my character would automatically walk towards the target until they entered the very edge of it's interact/target range, and then stop moving and perform the action.

As a caster class, this is be super useful, but also useful to all classes to click on a dead mob to run up and loot them all in one action, or to click on a quest giver NPC that's a fair distance away and auto run over to them and open up the Quest UI window when within interaction range.

My muscle memory is reminding me that I had something like this, and I can't for the life of me remember if this was an AddOn or a built in feature that I can't figure out how to toggle on or use.
It could just be something stupid easy like I hold down control as I click or something and I'm forgetting what the built-in key binding is for it.

Any thoughts?
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