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I think the "Click to Move" option is what I am thinking of.
And agreed on the "automation is no longer possible" replies. It is interesting because on the surface level this tries to present as "Classic WoW", but it's really not in a lot of ways under the hood. Not that most people care, as they are here for the content, but still interesting nonetheless.

I do recall that even back when I was playing heavily during the 2005-2007 range, they put the smack down on lots of automated AddOns that blurred the line between AddOns and "bots". (RIP AutoTravel).

I'll give Click-to-move a try and see if it is what I was thinking of. I must have missed that in the Options settings (easy to do as there are LOTS to comb through). And I could very much be on crack remembering this working with casting ranged spells. It was a good while ago when I last played...

Thanks everyone.
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