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Originally Posted by ircdirk;306200 - 02-07-15 12:15 AM
The main branch on Git is Master and this branch will be included in next realease.

Those commits in Dev branch waits till they will be tested/confirmed, then they will be pulled to Master branch.
When might that be?

Looking at both the Master and the Dev sections on GitHub (as of today, Feb 20th 10:45pm Pacific time), I see that nobody has done anything for the last month, except Rythal updated the ".toc's" a few days ago -- which does nothing to update the addon issues at all. The wizard-developers who have done so much valuable work seem to have done all they can or, all they want to do, and Rythal must be still too sick with the flu to do anything -- even to reply to the developer's questions. I hope he is recovering. I wish him the very best! He's been sick for a very long time. I hope you get well soon, Rythal!

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