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You misunderstood my question... I was asking what it was about Grid that I didn't know about that you needed... which you mostly answered.

Core functionality issues like this are what I'm trying to improve in nUI, so when someone is resistant to removing another mod they're using that I'm trying to incorporate into nUI, I ask why.

Can you elaborate for me on the mechanics of what it is that Grid is doing? I'd like to see if I can build some unit frame modules to support that and be able to add it to my own unit frames... the core questions are (a) what is the information you need to know and (b) what' the most effective way to present it? (in your opinion)

Originally Posted by Moonpool View Post
What i like about Grid is the little "lights" that let me know what is on which toon, so I know at a glance who has my rejuv, lb, etc and who has someone else's and can gauge at a glance where my next heal is best thrown. That is the strength of Grid for me and I can't see myself replacing that functionality with something regardless of its click casting ability or whatever, that doesn't have that visual cue available to me - it is just the most efficient way for me to heal. Again, personal taste and built up "used to it" on my part that has nothing to do with nui and its layouts and your choices for it. Changing "muscle memory" and reflex thinking is NOT easy for me lol and I don't have the time to really retrain myself - four kids and spring = wayyyy too much time on the sports field.

Is the change to dual specs gonna give you a major headache? If so, I'll probably wait to overhaul my entire thing until you get it settled too.

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