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Ok, here's what grid does that I need it to that nothing else, to my knowledge, does.

In each person's "box" it has corner "lights" that turn on whenever a particular spell is cast on them, so in the upper right corner I can see at a glance whether a character has someone else's Hot's rolling on them, and in the lower center of the box, how many hots they have. Now, in the upper left I have separated out my rejuv (green light) lifebloom(red,yellow or blue light depending on stack) and regrowth (purple) as well as a timer for when LB runs out in the center left of the frame, so when I look down at my bars, i can see who has rejuv on them, who is just about to lose their lb stack, etc in a tenth of a second glance, no guesses. I also use the grid boxes to click cast my decursives (curse/poison abolish) which I understand can be done with your unit frames. My understanding of grid is that it is organized in layers - so each layer can have different information - it is a horridly complex mod that for all its faults, does work exceptionally well for people like me (gamer virgin with limited fps skills). the only things i click in combat are player unit frames and perhaps the odd potion, everything else I have keybound somewhere. (well on my hunter I do click to change aspects sometimes).

also, i assume without going back to read about it that your unit frames have aggro gain highlighting in some fashion - if not, then that is also a very very useful thing for a healer - I know that stupid mage is gonna need some heals quick when I see his box glow red and can preemptively cast something.