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Okay... I moved these messages into the suggestion box so we don't intertwine them with the bar discussion and so others can pitch in... also so this old fart programmer I know doesn't forget what we talk about ~grin~

I'm spit-balling here looking for a way to make this work without nUI having to keep a database of spells (something I have been actively trying to avoid because that's the first thing that breaks on patch day -- or you don't know about new spells and it stops working, etc.)

The big problem is this would be a HUGE pita to pre-implement for all classes, so I think it would be something the player would have to enable or set up for themselves on a case by case basis, though I suppose it could be done with plugins for each class. Gonna have to give all of that some thought.

What I'm thinking, for now, is I could add a feature to unit frames where you can choose to add "lights" (for lack of a better word) to the unit frame... I can give you six graphic styles to choose from... upper left corner triangle, upper right corner triangle , lower left corner triangle, lower right corner triangle, a movable square and a movable circle.

This all presumes a GUI config for this feature and it ties to the unit frame skin... so you can use one "config" for all of the raid frames in the panel, another for the player, another for the target, etc.) -- You "add" a light to the unit frame via the GUI and select the graphic style (corner, square, round, etc.) and a color.

Rather than try to keep and maintain a pre-made database of spells, I can build a list of all the spells your characters (combined) have seen in the game, so it will be "self-maintaining" so to speak. Using that list, you could just check off which spells turn the light on.

Then you check an option whether the light is on only for your spells or for anyone's spell and another option whether or not to show a count for how many times matching spells appear on that unit.

The only thing I'd have to figure out is an interface for setting more than one color on a light based on stack count.

This would allow you to fairly easy set up lights on the unit frames to suit your personal taste and need without me having to figure out in advance all of the spells there are and who wants them displayed how.

Any thoughts on that approach?

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