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I, too, use Power Auras intensively because it throws up visual reminders when I need to do stuff (reapply Serpent sting, or if Swiftmend is available). It is an amazing mod and one of a few I would keep despite using nui.

It sounds like you have the general Grid "lights" idea down, and i don't care what the shape of the lights are, or their colors to be honest (though the stacking of the lifebloom is pretty important - maybe deconstructing GridStatusLifebloom would be a place to start). I would be happy to check off spells, or shift click them out of my book, or to be perfectly honest...spell the dang things - that element never bothered me a bit. Tying it all to the feedback system sounds exactly like what I'm used to with Grid - a few extra indicators (I believe I use at least two at each corner) and a center box for curses/poisons is what I use, and I know a lot of healers use as well.

Listen to Brilynt..she knows much more about it than me lol, just a healer tryin to keep peoples alive here...when i'm not killing them on the huntar RAWR.