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Interestingly I was going to try and put together a post about the raidframes in NUI in realtion to Grid.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a healer, and I highly value raidframes functionality to make my job easier. I would have to say that they are perhaps the most vital component in my UI. I have been using Grid for a very long time, and there are things about it that I think are extremely valuable. Listed in no particular order:

The ability to color the raidframe by class
Aggro alerts (I actually use a text based aggro alert - center text of the frame)
Hot timers
Customizable Buff/Debuff Icons
Centralized raidframe structure/party structure

Class color is important in that it helps identify healing assignments - I prefer to have less to choose from to read. Aggro alerts - I find it extremely helpful to have a large text based aggro alert center of the raidframe itself. Hot timers and customizable buff/debuff icons are exceedingly helpful...a huge center icon for instance indicating Mutagen Injection is much more helpful than a small one in the corner of the frame. And centralized raidframe structure based upon party, because what I am finding is that under raid circumstances having to scan two sides is much more difficult than having to scan just a single bank of frames.

Under most circumstances these things likely sound a bit like overkill - but healers live and die - literally ;-) - by their raidframes. For my own personal experince with this, I am finding that when I am single target healing, Nui's raidframes are adequate, especially with the Hud, but if I am assigned to raid heal, or heal Frost Tombs/Mutagen etc. I find myself using the Grid plug-in. Not sure if any of this is helpful - just some of my own observations.