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Is there anyway to integrate the part of gird/healbot that shows the estimated amount of heal incoming?
IE (X = Current HP, H = Estimated inc heal, R = Remaing health to heal)
XXXXXXXXXXXXXX|HHHHH|HHH (Target will be overhealed)

I dont think nUI currently does this other than it lights up the background as green and if there is a HOT on that person it stays green.

Personally I dont like grid, I used healbot more as it did everything the same for the most part, I also use decursive so I dont care what is on other people if I can cure it. But I do understand how it works and I like the idea of having diffrent corners being definable for certain buffs/debuffs etc.

Holy Pal would need to know BoL and SS

Though grid was nice to be able to sort the groups into classes or by groups, but I dont think nui can do that since the frames are split into two sides.

Would it be possible to make the hp/man bars go vert in nui that would free up some space for all these indicators?