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Originally Posted by Hakana4155 View Post
I'd like to make a suggestion on this topic. As I understand it there is a mod that will place the Grid frame in the info panel on the right of the screen. As a healer you can dispaly the Grid panel while in combat customized to how you want it. That way Scott isn't re-inventing the wheel, as an earlier post mentioned. I don't think that nUI can incorporate every possible combination of unit frame information that currently exists in all the different addons without getting way to bulky to use.

I think in this case the best solution is to continue using Grid with the addon that moves it to the infopanel on the right side of the dashboard. This way the unit frames that are part of nUI can keep from being too complicated to work with especially in a 25 man raid situation. There would reach a point where there was so much information displayed per player that you wouldn't be able to read any of it.

Of course this is just my opinion and I thought I would share it.
That's exactly what I'm doing atm and yes, it works. However having the raidframes all the way to the right like that means you aren't focused on the center of the screen which can be pretty vital. That's why the HuD is so nice to have - it keeps your eyes focused on the center of your screen. BTW, I have all of this information listed above and more displayed in the Grid frames all in that little info panel and they are still extremely easy to read/use.

In most respects I agree with you... however, it is and has been my goal from the get-go to replace Grid with nUI and I do think the functionality being described here is quite integral to good unit frames.

With that said, out of the box, I would expect nUI's unit frames to work exactly as they are right now... edge highlights when agro'd/cursed/diseased/etc and background highlights for hits and heals. Changing that would be via options. So... for the average player, the unit frames would remain relatively uncomplicated, for healers and advanced players they can enable the pieces parts they need.

The usability thing is a huge issue and you are dead right that turning all of this on by default would make the unit frames unusable for most players... I appreciate your thoughts on that. Thanks.
Awesome news:-) TBH I will happily remove Grid when the time comes because I really feel that you have created something pretty amazing! Looking forward to all the neat new developments.


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