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One more thing that i consider an extremely impoertant part of Grid. The actual unit frame doesn't display numbers for health nor mana. There's only a bar for each one that fills up or gets lowered depending on his/hers mana/health.

The only number displayed is when someone throws a heal on target X for example, you get a text indicated the amount of health that will be healed.

Other than that, Grid doesn't display any other text which is awesome as there isn't any "bloat" information. Also, as an extra bonus, over the Health/Mana bars the Name is displayed (unlike nUI which has that above those bars)

Currently on a 25 panel, one's unitframe's show : Name, HP, Health Percent, A Huge Health bar and a Mana bar.

I attached a screenshot to better explain this :


As you can see, the people OOR have their unit frames faded, the healthbar is colored depending on one's class, under that there's a tiny mana/rage/runic power/energy bar. Acrux (the mage) was just getting hit so his frame was highlighted. Also, look at his frame how his name got replaced with the health missing (Max Health - Current Health).

P.S.: In my current layout the frames are sorted by the group number with the MT ( I guess they have an algorithm to determine that) listed first and the Raid Leader second. (So there is no need for that group number feature directly on the frame)

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