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since Blizz moved the 'cancel buffs' to a secure call function, a lot of addons dont work to click them, until the authors re-write a lot of code.... there are some that work now... but other still working on it (I believe).. you can also manual cancel any buffs (but this would be a little difficult while in combat) by typing ......

/cancelaura (BUFF NAME)

For Example.... the hallowe'en events stuff ??

/cancelaura Jack-o'-Lanterned!
/cancelaura Ghost Costume
/cancelaura Bat Costume
/cancelaura Leper Gnome Costume
/cancelaura Wisp Costume
/cancelaura Pirate Costume
/cancelaura Ninja Costume

that was a Macro I created to 'cancel' any of them that were tossed on me. The Cancelaura will only work if you type in the EXACT name of the buff.

Hope this helped.....
Have fun, and remember WOW is just a game, for us to enjoy, and all the Addons we use.... remember the programmer is a human too, and MOST times, is doing this as a hobby, so give them time to have their life, so they can fix the addons, so we can have our WOW life.
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