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I have been building my own UI for many years and have come a long way in making it. For the last year though, I have been pretty much using the same setup, only with a couple of different addons here and there due to either added functionality or because the addon was abandoned. Anyway, here are my screenshots, there will be four of them.

Normal Screen
My normal screen is as open as I can get it without losing some information. I have the minimap embedded in Carbonite and moved to the lower right of the screen. I keep recount/omen in a shared space next to it. On the opposite side is my chat frames. All my action bars and unit frames are set to low opacity, but can still be used when hovering over some or by pressing the ctrl key. My questwatchframe is in the upper right corner at a fixed size. My menu bar is located right above the BNet notification toaster.
Click image for larger version

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Target Screen
When I target something, that is when my screen starts to add life and more information is visible. My unit frames (Stuf) are now fully visible and you can start to see the buff/debuff frames from Raven. My unit bars are also visible at this point, but only bars 1-3. The main Action Bar is tied into my Logitech G13. These 3 bars have all main skills that I will use during play. It is actually 2.5 bars, because I limit bar 3 to six slots.
Click image for larger version

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Combat Screen
By entering combat, my screen adds more cosmetics. I darken the background (using KGPanels) and add red boxes around my action bars to ensure that I can clearly see my action bars during combat. Recount is hidden at this point and Omen shows in the space next to Carbonite. If I were in a raid, the questwatchframe would disappear.
Click image for larger version

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Raid Screen
This is an older screenshot and not a whole lot is changed here. There is a lot of information going on. As I said earlier, the questwatchframe is now hidden. My raid frames are shown (Grid2) with Decursive below them (I heal from time to time on my Shaman). You can begin to see all of my buff/debuff bars. I have cooldowns listed over my character frame with debuffs listed over my portrait. My focus frame is setup exactly opposite of the Target's target frame. My pet frame is actually centered in between all of them. For the target debuff's. I only have my debuff's shown and because I am a DK most of the time, I like to spread disease, so I use Raven to show all the targets that are affected by my diseases.
Click image for larger version

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I use a lot of addons to achieve the look that I have with my interface and it works well for a generic utility interface for use with any class.

Addon List:
Action Bars: Bartender4, XPBarNone, Masque w/Renaitre skin, OmniCC
Unit Frames: STUF (w/o Raid/Party Options), Grid2 (For Raid/Party frames), Gnosis (Cast Bars)
Maps: Carbonite, Minimap Button Frame, NPCScan, TravelAgent (for location and coords), Archy
Auction House: Auction Master, Baud Auction
Buffs/Debuffs: Raven
Combat Text: MSBT
Loot Frames: Xloot 1.0
ToolTip: TipTop
Chatframes: Chatter, Chatsounds, nibChatTabs
Bags/Banks: ArkInventory
Data Broker Display: Chocolate Bar w/ Calendar, uClock, Mailbox, Currency, CPU, iQueue, MRT, RepairBroker, SocialState
Informational: Recount, Omen, AtlasLoot, DBM, RaidAchievement, TidyPlates
Class Specific: TotemTimers (Shaman), nibEclipse (Druid), Clique (Healing mostly), Decursive
Quality of Life: FishingBuddy, Bugsack, !BugGrabber, GTFO, Outfitter, Postal, nibSpellAlertConfig, SellJunk, Skillet
Cosmetics: Aurora (with Aurora Plus), ColorPickerPlus, eAlign, Ferous Media, Fizzle, KGPanels, MoveAnything, SharedMedia

Huge list, but each one of them has a part in my interface and either adds to or redesigns the default interface. It generally takes a day to create this, and then a week of actually game play to tweak it. I used to have a lot more of information on my screen, but over time, I reduced it to things that I actually use.