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Recently updated

Just updated it again. This is before I install the latest carbonite

Out of combat no target

Cool downs popped to show the 5 trackers in the middle of the hud

A whole bunch of cool downs popped to show the cooldown bars on the left of the hud the debuff tracker for targets ( and off targets ) on the right - class tracker in the middle, shows energy / combo points on top / light - moderate - deep ; insight on the bottom. Short buffs such as SnD are also tracked on a logarithmic bar on the bottom right below the action bars ( cooldowns on the left ). Combat test is healing incoming/crits left of minimap damage and healing outgoing/incomming damage right of minimap. Left of incmming healing are MT/MA bars for raiding. DBM is fully integrated and skada switching out with cabronite is specifically scripted to move carb to top left during combat.

After careful scripting I've managed to get everything down ( not counting carbonite or dbm ) to below 2megs.
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