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new cooking scenario

ok, Scott i can verify that nUi 5 and nUi 6 do no properly work in the new cooking scenario, Noodle Time, there should be a large bar in the bottom middle of the screen, the right hand side has all the buttons normally in the HUD and the left side has the special action buttons. in nUi 5 all i get is button 1 on the regular action bar, and nothing else. on nUi 6 i don't have any buttons, and when i press button 1 it disaplays "revive battle pets" above the cast bar for making the noodles. all the buttons for the actions in the scenario work correctly, but they don't show. this set-up has been used before(Argent Tourney maybe? my memory is not the best) and i remember you all had a hard time nailing it down. hope this helps, if you need anything else give a shout