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Originally Posted by spiel2001 View Post
Probably not the best way to approach that problem. Rather than make that bar 3x12 (which will have all kinds of odd consequences when you're on mounts, special action bars, etc.). Rather, I would leave it as a 1x12 and move the two bars that were duplicated so that they are in the position directly under that bar.

The other nUI bars are all using the pages that you accessed when you made your bar 3x12, so it hurts nothing to just move them and you gain nothing by not moving them. In addition, because they are not tied into the page switching and all of that extra action bar, possession bar, vehicle bar, etc., logic, they'll behave as you expect them to all of the time. The way you're doing it, they will not.
Woot... much appreciated, it did seem a little ham handed. Thanks for the help!