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Originally Posted by Kreelor View Post
As I remember it, the Carbonite Warehouse used to require users to visit the banks of each of their characters at least once so that Warehouse could populate its list of items for that character's bank.

Today, I deleted every folder with "Carbonite" in its name from my list of addons (in the .../Interface/Addons folder). Then, I downloaded and installed the NEW Carbonite Maps, Carbonite Warehouse, and Carbonite Quests from Wowinterface. Then, I installed them into the Addons folder properly.

I expected to have to visit each of my character's banks, as usual, to repopulate the items.

But, after starting the game, Warehouse shows bank contents for all of my characters, even though I never took those other characters to their banks.

So, what did fail to do?
The Warehouse is not stored in the Carbonite Folder, but somewhere in Config or WTF - I'll have to look it up after work if no one else can answer that one.
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