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Originally Posted by MiRai View Post
Add-ons don't store anything in Interface/AddOns, everything is saved in your WTF folder.
Thanks atl77 for replying. I've looked through WTF several times, but I saw nothing related to Carbonite nor Warehouse. If I delete the WTF folder, that will force me into redoing everything related to my entire game setup (for all my chars and realms), won't it? Is there something specific in the WTF I can look for and then delete only it (or them) -- relative to Carbonite and/or Warehouse? And, what about the Cache folder? Does it contain anything related to Carbonite (especially the Warehouse)?

I have 41 characters to reconfigure. LOL or, should I say "groan!"?
EDITED, Dec 25, 2014, @3:00PM (Pacific):
Changed from 21 chars to 41 chars to include all chars on all realms.

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