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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
Hoping I missed this somewhere...

Did anyone ever figure out how to get the file name/path from the new file IDs?

You did
Simca extracted the FileDataIDs from the DBFilesClient, if that helps

(Edit 21/7) Foxlit also has the (textures) in ArtTextureID.lua
(Edit 25/7) Looks like Bear in Mind / LibAdvancedIconSelector is updated with the Interface/ICONS FileDataIDs

Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
I'm trying to update LibAdvancedIconSelector for one of my addons. This library gives you a window with all macro/item icons that is searchable. (ie, want to see all the icons of shields? - they probably have the word shield in their file name)

It uses GetMacroIcons() and GetMacroItemIcons() to compile its filename list. However these functions now return the IDs instead of the names. Can't search 132398 for "shield".

I experienced the same problem when I tried to see if I could add a search bar to LargerMacroIconSelection
The FileDataIDs for the 14600+ macro icons could be added to LibAdvancedIconSelector or maybe a new library. It would add around 1 MB to the file

Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
/edit: oh, and I found that texture:SetToFileData(index) has been removed, since you can just use :SetTexture(index) now.

That change was totally throwing me off for a while x)

But the API is getting less and less consistent *looks at the new model:GetModelFileID*

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