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Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
What frames have the name FrameName in it ? None of the code you have supplied includes frames with that naming.
Sorry I forgot to clearly state that.

They are the frames (nameplates) that I create on NAME_PLATE_CREATED event as shown in L#16 of my first reply.

Originally Posted by Xrystal View Post
The error message itself sounds like it is being caused by an xml file as no line numbers are being reported.

If you have other addons activated, try just your addon and see if those errors still occur.

The error persists only when the BugGrabber addon is on

What am I missing...?

I mean I am a big fan(?) of oUF and afaik oUF also uses SecureUnitButtonTemplate which it doesn't report such error even if the BugGrabber addon is turned on......

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