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Map quest location problems

Just recently, my map has started to point me to the weirdest places for quests that seems to be "in the database". In the past a few were wrong, or unknown/not in database and that was no big issue. This new thing though, it's like almost all quests are showing me to head to the middle of the ocean somewhere. These are mainly lvl 100 quests, and a few on a new char. that is questing all around the 40-50 level areas.

I've added no new addons since carbonite WAS working just fine with the quest/map function.

(I thought maybe there were trying to tell me something about heading out to the fatigue water and die lol! I don't think that's the deal. hehe)

So after too much typing, my real questions are:

What modules/files etc. do you think I should replace to maybe get it back to where it was a few weeks ago? I had thought maps and maybe quests, but maps doesn't seem to have its own folder, not sure on quests either. So I need to figure out which files might be corrupt or something.

Which version should I use? There are quite a few places to get the files online, and I thought github was the most current. Not sure. Don't want to replace a few files with the wrong version and I believe my last update was from github when it was announced there were changes.

I do have extensive map notes, so hoping I'm not going to lose them doing this. I had backed them up once, so I could prob. find the info on where to find them if there no way to avoid it.

Sp anyways, if anyone can help me try to get this working I'd surely appreciate it. I know carbonite is not
being updated atm, but I just want what i had to work like it did :-) I absolutely love the maps and quest modules and do not want to play without them, even if they are a bit out of date or whatever!

Thanks for any assistance!!!!
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