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Originally Posted by MunkDev View Post
Hehe. My threads can be quite technical at times, since my addon and the features it provides is unique in a way. Your code, which this was based on, might still work as it does in the live version, but I was hoping to get away from the scaling and use the unit attributes instead, because I would then be able to set the unit attribute in a preclick snippet and essentially remove the need for mouseover.

That was my thought exactly, now that we actually have unit attributes. I did not realize the unit frames themselves are not actually secure. I only dumped :IsProtected from the plate itself and just assumed the unit frames were also protected, since they seemingly behave and use attributes like any other unit frame.

The reason it works when you run it as a plain execution on a secure header is because you can only do that out of combat. When you're out of combat, an insecure frame (as Semlar mentioned) would be returned in the list of frames from frame:GetChildren(), even in a secure environment. I'm running it in a binding, which should of course work regardless of combat state. Here's the code if you're interested:

The unit ID probably works for targeting if you create clickable unit frames and assign type as unit and unit as the nameplate attribute, which could mean that Semlar's lazyplates concept would work to create a grid of name plate unit frames instead of hacking the whole system. I haven't tried anything like this yet, but it seems like it should work.

Btw; sorry if I came off as rude Syncrow. That's not the way I meant it. I realize this idea is pretty bananas in itself, so it's not far fetched for someone else to assume it was about caching active name plates and manipulating their look and function.
I see. However if the GetChildren retuns nil in a secure environment i thinks that s bug in the secure system. I mean you should be able to iterate between parents and childrens.