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Originally Posted by Resike View Post
I don't get why are the nameplates not secure then.
The nameplates are secure, but the unit frames attached to the nameplates are not. I'm guessing the reason they went this path was to allow authors to resize and tweak the unit frames in response to insecure API calls - or they simply didn't see any reason to protect them. I personally think they should make the unit frames secure as well, because it would make all my users very happy not having to rely on tab-targeting.

The algorithm I use to determine which nameplate to choose from is fairly reliable and would supplement controller gameplay very nicely if I didn't have to hack it the way I have been previously. It was a pretty ridiculous system (and kudos to Semlar for coming up with it), but it did work. All that needs to be done for it to work perfectly without any shenanigans is for Blizzard to make the unit frames secure.

Check out this pull when I'm tanking (slow it down to 0.25 speed if you don't see it) where it takes me less than a second to focus a single target out of a group, whereas bringing the cursor out and attempting to aim with a joystick at the same location would be considerably slower in comparison.

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