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First off, thank you VERY much for producing Carbonite. I have been using it for a long, long time and it is my favorite map addon by leaps and bounds.

Map zooming - some way to keep the overlay legend from disappearing as I zoom in. I don't always want to see details, sometimes I am looking for the name of a place. A Shift, Control or other zoom modifier would be awesome!

Map Area Lock - A method to lock in an area on the map and keep the map from following me. Most of the time I like the auto follow feature, but once in a while I want to place a marker and have it stick to that location and not move the map. I know I can turn off "Follow You", but if I close the map and re-open it it re-centers on me instead of where I left it.

Weekly tracker - Add Cataclysm, Wrath, Burning Crusade and Classic Raid support for those of us who are severely behind on achievements and mounts.


One issue, not sure which addon is causing the issue: Archy and Carbonite are not playing well together since the last update. The digsite windows for Archy won't show up unless I turn off Carbonite.

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