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Originally Posted by Vis View Post
It's been suggested in the past to utilize an addon like Grail which has been specifically created from the ground up to be a database of quest information. And it gets updated very often.

The very first line of Grail's description reads:

On a similar note, using something like Grail, would the Carbonite_Quests module be able to be standalone and not require the maps? I've always loved the Carbonite Quest Log and it's abilities, but for my purposes the maps and other features are now overkill. I was thinking something along the lines of the old Questhelper addon. It could replace the original quest log and calculate all the most efficient pathing, turnin order, etc and all while using Blizzards map system.
The issue with Grail has always been the same, it contains quest information but not objective information, so using it I would not be able to provide the quest blobs of objectives. The WoW client itself does do this now, but it is only your current tracked quest, so if you have 3-4 quests in the same spot you would not know it with the single blob, compared to carbonite's showing multiple blobs.
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