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Hi Rythal,

Here's a portion of what you wrote in your original post:
[start clip]Been playing several toons, enjoying the actual WoW life, seeing what I enjoy doing and not, and thinking to myself personally what would help make Carbonite better...This thread is not to talk about any bugs currently, but quality of life improvements...[end clip]
I'm glad you're having a chance to enjoy the game a little bit more. That's like an artist who stands back and takes a look at his/her painting to admire the handy-work put into it.

I'd like to request something that may not help others but, it would certainly benefit my "quality of life" in the game, if you added it.

I'm not using the Carbonite-Quest Module currently and I believe it's the only place that users can find the "Server Reset Time." I play characters on several different realms (in different Time Zones) and I'm always trying to figure out when the reset will occur. I don't know if calculating and displaying that for each different Time Zone (relative to the char I'm playing at the time) can be done, or not.

Do you suppose you might be able to add that under the Carbonite/Options/General section so that it is outside of the Quest Module? Hopefully, you can make it a new Option which can be toggled On/Off. Also, it would be nice if that line of text was "move-able/lock-able" just like the "Punks" thing is move-able/lock-able now.

If you can't or, if you don't want to, that's OK with me. It's just a suggestion.
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