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Just fyi, there is a difference between mods (addons) and 3rd party software. Addons do not run in the background - they run from *inside* WoW. Addons are perfectly legit to use, though they are not supported by Blizzard, it is Blizzard's code which allows them to exist/function. If an addon does something that Blizz does not approve of, then Blizz changes their code so that the addon does not work any longer.

(edit) All profiles sites that I have seen, which pull from the game instead of the armory, have an addon (like CharacterProfiler) which saves your data in its saved variables. You then use the site's software or something like UniUploader to send that addon's saved variables to their server to display on the site. Saved variables are only written to upon logout or reloading the UI. (/edit)

I am curious about this Magelo as well. If there is not an addon to install and their sync program does not pull from the saved variables of such an addon, then... WoW is a closed box. The only way for 3rd party software to interact with WoW or get data from WoW legitly is if Blizz allows it (iTunes on Macs, the display panel on G-15 keyboards, etc.).

How exactly does Magelo grab your information in "real time" while you play, and will Magelo get you banned? I don't know the answers.
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