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Progress Bar Beautification

I would ask, if the devs that are actively maintaining the addon, would be willing to make the following changes to the progress bar code. It has been tested on my system, and works very nicely. It does not depend on screen resolution, or a specific scale setting for the UI.

Lua Code:
  1. if Nx.qdb.profile.QuestWatch.BonusBar then
  2. --[[    if (math.floor(percent) == 0) then
  3.     list:ItemSet(2, format(" |TInterface\\Addons\\Carbonite\\Gfx\\Skin\\InfoBarB:12:100|t %.2f%%", percent))
  4.     else
  5.     ]]  list:ItemSet(2, format(" |TInterface\\Addons\\Carbonite\\Gfx\\Skin\\InfoBarB:12:%d:|t %.2f%%", math.floor(percent), percent))
  6.      --end

In the version I have, the first section starts at line 9048 and the second chunk of code at line 9090.
Message me here, or battletag me at SDEagleOne#1109 in game. I would love to see how this works on other resolutions. I run at 1680x1050 on my monitor. Thanks to all the ones who do work on this wonderful addon as well.
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