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Advice please, about The Oracles and Frenzyheart Tribe

I'm a little confused by Blizzard's modus operandi when the player is working through The Oracles and Frenzyheart Tribe factions. What I've gathered so far, is the following:
  • If questID 12540 is complete, you are on the way with The Oracles
  • If questID 12654 is complete, you are on the way with Frenzyheart Tribe
This is great, except that during the quest chain, the player completes both quests before needing to kill Artruis the Heartless, whereupon you also kill one member of either faction and you go on to gaining reputation with the other.

If you kill Jaloot during the fight, you ally yourself with Frenzyheart Tribe; killing Zepik points you toward The Oracles.

The survivor gives you a quest, and I think I can check the quest log to see if have the quest or have completed the quest.

My question is: at what point do I check for quests? I can't see any comments or information that the first two quests are repeatable, even if you switch factions; but the Zepik and Jaloot quests are repeatable infsofar as you can kill Artrius many times to switch back and forth your allegiance.

I pseudo-code, I'd like to check the following:

if I like Frenzyheart then return that faction
elseif I like The Oracles return that faction
else return some default faction

Anyone have suggestions how to check for this cleanly?
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