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My jaw dropped when I read this email. To keep this very simple:

1. I was not offended by your emails regarding your eco-geeks project. In fact I visited the site and was impressed with your love of things outside the gaming community.

2. Although I'm not guilty of apathy, I am guilty of complacency. So in my small way, as soon as this post is finished, I'm heading to your eco-geeks site and making a contribution. I know this is a little too late, but my hope is that it relieves some of the disappointment and hurt you've had to endure.

3. I'm not currently a nUI premium subscriber, but cannot imagine playing WoW without it. Hopefully you will continue to accept new premium members. Your email mentioned supporting current members, but nothing about new members. Does that opportunity still exists for those of us who love nUI?

4. There are good people in this world, sometimes we just need a hearty dose of reality to spur us into action.

Best of luck in your endeavors.