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I am sorry you had to endure what, somewhere along the line, has become "acceptable" behavior both on line and the real world. I can't blame you for how you feel. I too have been one of those silent nUI users. That is until now. I have signed up for premium. It maybe too little too late but at least I can pay you back a little for the time and effort you have put into nUI.

I too visited the crossroads where I had to make a decision about still playing WoW. Being a tank I have abuse routinely rained down on me in LFR to the point where if I am lucky to get in a good group I am shocked. I also had my guild, that my ex-girlfriend and I worked so hard to build, made irrelevant by LFR. After all that I found I still love playing WoW and I will continue untill I decide not to and not the rude, abusive people in LFR. I can appreciate how others have decided that the drama has sucked the fun out of it for them.

Anyway, Thank You for all your efforts!