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I donated to nUI+ some years ago, and haven't played WoW for over a year; let it lapse because I just got too busy.

Like some others here, I continue to receive Scott's emails and was impressed by his dedication to a cause that is dear to him.

I thought I already had a WoWInterface account, but I couldn't find it, so I joined up just to make sure I could continue to access nUI in the future if I ever go back to WoW.

But I also wanted to join to post this message and join the rest of you in voicing support for Scott and dismay at the unbelievable reaction that he has received.

The anonymity of the internet, message boards, and online games has really brought out the worst in people. And nowadays some people don't even care about the anonymity. Witness the yahoos who post the most incredibly racist crap right up on their Facebook walls UNDER THEIR OWN NAMES!

And the incredible sense of entitlement that goes along with it, too, is amazing to witness.

So, anyway, Scott, even though I generally don't agree with the idea of "group punishment", I fully support you in your decision. You've always made nUI as a labor of love, and if you're not getting any appreciation from people who are using your work FOR FREE, then screw them.

I'm just sorry you had to experience such a torrent of abuse. I'm really flabbergasted. I know some people on this thread said that they saw this coming, but I for one am shocked and depressed that so many people think this kind of behavior is OK.