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Thumbs up Sorry Scott and thank you

I agree with you Scott and have been saying that as ugly as pugging it used to be before, since lfg/lfr was introduced I have witnessed vitriol and pure nastiness spewed out into chat on a level not witnessed before. No allowances made for people who have only just hit 90 or are doing the fight for the first time.
I'm in a guild and that is the only reason I still play. As for your e-mail I am terribly sorry for the lack of supportive response, and disgusted by the idiots that took offence. I have kept the e-mail as I am planning to contribute, I have some former guildies for whom this would be a perfect memoriam, and was just waiting for payday. Have discussed with other former guildies (First guild died a few months after our GM and RL (brothers) were killed and then later we lost another, sort of took the heart from the guild) and I know some who have asked me to forward the e-mail to them (hope this is still okay). Whilst not a continuous user ( although am currently using nUI) I have always appreciated the time and effort you and others like you put into your craft. It's why I've always clicked on the donations tab when able. Here's hoping a wellspring of support appears for your project.