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I only learned of this beautiful dream a few days ago. Unfortunately I get paid on the 22nd so I'm planning on donating a bit during the second round of fundraising. Yesterday I did get a link to your site up on Fark.com in the meantime. That site gets a lot of traffic and the people are generally nice. I said generally. Hehe. Hopefully that'll help.

I too am guilty of being complacent when it comes to helping with nUI. I had been thinking of trying to beta test nUI for you but considering my technical ability I probably would have caused more harm than good. You would have been lucky if my bug reports didn't cause your computer to explode somehow. As for suggesting ideas, well, I could never think of a way to improve it.

It's sad to lose access to your great addon but I guess we do deserve it. Thanks for making our time in WoW as enjoyable as possible. And thank you for trying to do some good in the world by helping to preserve an important part of it. I hope you achieve your goal.