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Originally Posted by p3lim View Post

The reason I overwrite OnRemoved is because of a bug with the order of execution within it.
Whenever that is fixed, you can just do this:
Lua Code:
  1. for provider in next, WorldMapFrame.dataProviders do
  2.     if(provider.GetPinTemplate and provider.GetPinTemplate() == 'WorldMap_WorldQuestPinTemplate') then
  3.         WorldMapFrame:RemoveDataProvider(provider)
  4.     end
  5. end
Thanks for the response p3lim. I've been toying with the DataProviders and have noticed that the order of particular calls are out of whack. One of them being the Refresh one for the pins. I was trying to find a way to get the pins to be removed, but because of the order they where being refreshed and called by SetPoint on the primary Mixin.

It never occured to me to look at removing the DataProvider entirely. I was doing on a pin by pin basis. Thanks for the insight, figured someone would see a different approach then what I was doing.
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