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Originally Posted by semlar View Post
If the error occurs too early in the loading process it will simply not be displayed by the default error handler, you need to use something like bugsack to capture these errors.

Without knowing what addon this is from and not having your code to work with, nobody can identify a cause for you.

Look through every xml file in your addon and every library it uses for the "virtual" attribute on a frame without a corresponding name.

Thanks for the response.

I have checked them and all of the virtuals have names. I have 10 virtuals in 2 files, all with names. And the error initially appeared without the aid of bugsack ( I'm sure only had the one addon activated ), although I didn't realise it grabbed early ones so I will activate that, if I haven't already.

As to what I'm trying to do, is to implement a new updated version of nUI, especially considering the original is 10 years old now and all that bandaging is coming loose a bit too often and rewriting my own version will help me understand the parts I am unsure of.

So I am starting with nothing and slowly implementing different stuff. The part that triggered this message was trying to implement my own chat frame/dock manager system so that I can implement 2 dock managers. So, it may well be that what I had done wasn't what you are supposed to do, even though the blizzard code looks like you can, or I missed something in the code and then fixed it with the next block of code, or they still haven't got the DockManager system totally ready for multiple dock managers yet I've been waiting years and I thought this year they had finally finished it rofl.

Anyway, thanks for confirming that the error was what I thought, so I will just have to see if my gradual work over the next few weeks will get rid of either the errors or the idea of creating my own chat system rofl.
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