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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
What most people do to sort of bypass the default copyright limitations is to just upload your own version of the addon but, include something along the lines of fan update. (ie: DynamiCam [Fan Update]) However, looking at the GitHub for the addon there is a license file in which it states you can do whatever you want with the code without limitations. Proceed in the direction you feel best at doing so.
Anyone doing so with an item that is All Rights Reserved is still in violation of Copyright and the addon will be pulled from the site if a complaint is registered or we are aware of such restrictions by the author. (Remember: the absence of a license is the absence of permission, meaning it is All Rights Reserved.)

Now, to the OP...
DynamicCam has this as its license: https://github.com/Mpstark/DynamicCa...ter/LICENSE.md

You are free to modify and redistribute it under its license. I would add "Fan Update" or your name to the file to distinguish it from the original.
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