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Frame Strata for Minimap Button Bar

I am currently using Spartan UI and in the addon there is a "hidden drawer" that you can place buttons in. I would like to put Minimap Button Frame in there, but the button bar lays on top of the drawer. The drawer basically works by having an image that changes opacity when hovered over (I think). As you can see the Bartender4 buttons are underneath the drawer cover on the right side of the image...I am trying to get the MBF frame to do the same.

My assumption is that I could change the strata of MBF and get the drawer cover to cover it up unless you hover over it. Anyone know how to do this?

Bonus if you could tell me how to remove the tooltip frame on MBF.

Thanks for any help in advance, oh yeah, I am playing on Classic if that makes a difference.

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