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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
I hope Thrae does not mind I comment on this thread.
I'm always up for discussion, especially on topics I do not consider myself an expert on.

YOU MUST keep a backup of all your passwords.
Yes, this was said in step #15. Yes, it's extremely important. Good for making an extra note of that. I did mention having extra USB flash drives.

In my case I have gone with the flash drive always plugged in and online synchronization to Roboform Online.
Online hosted backups are a good idea. I was going to write about them but felt it was a little off-topic. There's a really neat cross-platform solution called CrashPlan that I use with my friends. It's 128-bit encryption with the free, Java-based client. Backing up to their server is only $3.75/month (3-year contract) for up to 4TB volumes at a time (at like 500KB/s at most, so it'll still a while).

The only thing I do not agree about this statement is the fact the code is not valid after its been used. The code also is only valid for 30-45 seconds. So at this time a keylogger cannot harvest his information in enough time to make use of it. Even if they did they wouldn't be able to remove it fast enough.
Yes, the token method is good in practice but not in theory. In theory, a WoW-specific keylogger could grab the key, send it off to a nearby botted computer with low latency, and change key information in your account before the key changes. It's impracticable, but theoretically possible.
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