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I really appreciate all the help you're giving me Phanx. I'll be honest, I liked my UI the way it was. Simple, quite clean, quite functional, perfect for my type of raiding. You are helping me make it even better and I'm loving how it's turning out to be.

I have a question though. You seem quite experienced in UI's designing and stuff, what would you think if I included Shadowed Unit Frames? I tried it out and it looks quite good. Also updated it with Satrina buff frames (top left corner), along with new unit frames right above CLCinfo. I'll post a screenshot when I get home, I'd love if you could tell me how it looks.

Also, any suggestions as to some more Data-broker plugins I could use with bazooka? Currently I have money, clock, Durability, Micro menu and that's all. I still think it looks very.. empty.

Lastly, any suggestions as to nameplates? Let's say, Tidy plates. Any addon like that you would recomend me to use?

Thanks in advance, SomewhatDark.
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