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Originally Posted by ircdirk View Post
Rythal changes on 6th: https://github.com/Rythal/Carbonite/...429a10ad949ea2 maybe they are couse of your problems.

Download DEV version before 6th and see if u got the same problems.

p.s. if u want to use DEV version u should follow all Dev threads also frequently check github for changes and issues.
Thank you for your reply.

Dear ircdirk, You didn't say how I can "...Download DEV version before 6th." I don't see any way to download previous DEV versions. They aren't listed in the github DEV section, where I expected them to be available. Will you please provide a link to them for me? I may try one even though it would be more out-of-date and less desirable than the current one?

I always try my best to read and understand what's going on, what's changed, etc. I check the github almost every day! But, for a non-coder like myself, it's very difficult to understand. I had always hoped that the [this] "DEV subforum" would list recent changes (hopefully ones which were tested as "working" ones) and an up-to-date PLAIN ENGLISH LIST of issues and their CURRENT STATUS. Such a list was proposed and used in the past, but it seems to have been forgotten.

The github has had no new changes during the last few months (3 months or more) except for "language" (Locale) changes and maybe "TOC" numbers changed (which don't do much for me!). Yet, from what I've read, the github DEV version is the most up-to-date version available for Carbonite. That's why I'm using it and not the completely out-of-date "Live" version. I'm merely trying to find up-to-date files that work and ones that hopefully don't have numerous compatibility issues, etc. Information about Carbonite is scattered all over the forums but, there isn't one single place that provides an understandable, up-to-date, list of changes and whether they are fixed, in-work, proposed, or otherwise!

I don't see any "Plan," or "Current Status" list. I wish one existed and it was kept up-to-date, continually.
Orderly, easily-accessible chronological documentation is not being provided, consistently.
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