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Documenting the response we got:

[18:32:13] TheDanW: the WriteFile thing, i don't think it was ever expected to write that much data into savedvars
[18:32:58] Infus: well, I don't want to know how much auctioneer saves
[18:33:00] TheDanW: it uses unbuffered writes for simplicity, i'll add it to the list to take a look at
[18:33:51] Infus: TheDanW: and the broken .bak file saving? did that make your list too?
[18:34:03] TheDanW: haven't read that
[18:34:45] Infus: last coment on that, or read a few lines see just below my ping today
[18:35:21] Infus: well, I don't know what it should do, but currently it just doesn't do anything
[18:35:29] nevcairiel: TheDanW: the jist of it is that it only writes a .bak file when it doesnt exist yet, if it exists it never gets replaced with any newer data
[18:35:55] nevcairiel: so after the first run of the client you get a bak file, and then for years and years nothing
[18:39:08] TheDanW: hrm, not sure what changed
[18:39:16] nevcairiel: (that never worked)
[18:39:36] TheDanW: its never worked?
[18:39:47] nevcairiel: as long as I remember, it worked like it does now
[18:40:03] nevcairiel: it just doesnt work very well
[18:42:30] TheDanW: it looks like the intent of the code was to overwrite the .bak with the existing .lua, but yeah, it's never worked from what i can tell