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Hello, thank you for your help and quick reply

i'm learning lua, i don't know so much about it, i have this script to the button, it's giving me 1x [string "SideBarButtton_OnClickUp"]:5: attempt to call global 'TogglekgPanel2' (a nil value) when i click on it, i don't know how to attach it to the bar.

I'm ttrying to attach the SideBar to Bartender 4 bar 4 using this but not work

if showing then
ToggleBarttender4(BT4Bar4(bar, show))
bar:SetConfigAlpha((show and 1) or 0);
bar:SetVisibilityOption("always", not show);

this is he on click sidebar but gives me this error [string "SideBar_OnClickUp"]:1: in function <[string "SideBar_OnClickUp"]:1>

i has tried o use part of lua of SideBar of the addon MayronUi but it have private funtions and maybe it not work with kgpanels.
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