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I recently installed Minion.... and I hope this is the correct place to put this information.

Before I permanently ignored the addon MobMap (since it is maintained on a different site completely), It informed me it had seen a newer version 3.33 and actually points me to 'MobMap Russian' (14211). Current version of MobMap is 3.53 on the author's website.

This also might be useless information, but before ignoring MobMap permanently, the following also occured :

MobNotes by Rabbit (8314) seems to be dependant on MobMap (which is only available @ http://www.mobmap.de/). MobNotes insists on 'waiting for update from MobMap, even though there is absolutely no association between the two. (I think?). However after ignoring MobMap, this problem seemed to self correct, and the addon MobNotes stated it was up-to-date

I have contacted the following authors already on the next two, but thought to mention it here as well:

Detected: LittleWigs[Zul'Drak] by Ulic
Problem: After 'updating' with Minion, the next time Minion is ran, it wants to updated it yet again, to same verison as you thought you previously updated. (3.1.2). I should also like to mention that all the other modules to LittleWigs like to indicate to Minion that they are NOT available.

Problem : Engravings ( by Tekkub, refuses to update with minion. Clicking update, it begins doing its job, then says it 'could not create directories in required path for C:\DOCUMEN~\.....\Temp\extractor8720652916217331435\Engravings\Data\EmblemofValor.lua
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