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Originally Posted by Svegan View Post
Kreelor == troll. Wish that /ignore would work on forums. I see no mention of hijack or anything nefarious in any of Rythal's comments. He needed a break. I am working on warehouse, on my own fork, and I will try to keep everyone updated, as to progress. I think the script issue ties to the auction search frame that is used to query what your characters have. I will see about a custom search, that works independent of blizzard. Like Rythal and others on here, I do have a family, and run a computer business. I will devote as much time as I can, without taking away from family or other obligations. Rather than whine about changes in the development, learn LUA and lend a hand, if you can.
Thank you Svegan for your encouraging words. At 71, it is not impossible but, highly improbable that I will have the time to learn LUA to the degree that you and others have achieved. When I used the word "hijack," that was probably a mistake in wording on my part. What I meant was that those remaining users with skills to fix outstanding issues may be hampered by not having the authority/permission to modify the Carbonite addon since Rythal has not handed over his "Maintainer" status to anyone else. I'm only concerned about the future of this wonderful addon. Simply that.
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