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Originally Posted by Phanx View Post
I take it you live in Australia or some other country where data caps on home connections are the norm?
In in Italy, it depends on your provider or connection. However my data cap is 0. In other words, I don't have a home connection as the main bread winner (the wife) is a bit of a miser. We had to dump our last provider as they kept gouging us and trying to terminate made getting rid of AOL (any Americas remember them?) seem like a cake walk. Italian services providers do not like letting you go and tend to be rather Mafia like. However there are plenty of free and decent WiFi hotspots including ones run by the city. The only issue with the city one is you are limited to 500 MB per day. Still, I have waited four years so another week won't hurt. I could play now, however I suspect that I will be spending the first day setting up my UI and those old-timers know, I love a totally customized UI. Then I have four expansions worth of content to enjoy before I even think about Warlords (I have not upgraded yet) and a couple of new classes to have fun with too. WiFi hotspots will do for leveling and five man dungeons and I may find a good one for raiding/PvP laters.
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