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Hi Vrul

Thanks for suggesting the GetContainerItemPurchaseInfo unfortunately the returns are all coming back as nils, no matter if the boolean is true, false or empty.

This is my code;
for bag = 0, 4 do 
    for slot = 0, GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do
        local itemID = GetContainerItemID(bag, slot)
        if itemID then
            local _, itemLink, itemQuality, _, _, _, _, _, _, _, itemValue = GetItemInfo(itemID)
            local money, itemCount, refundSec, currencyCount, hasEnchants = GetContainerItemPurchaseInfo(bag, slot, isEquipped)
            print(bag, slot,itemLink, money, itemCount, refundSec, currencyCount, hasEnchants)
This is the bag and the output;

This one is really stumping me, any more suggestions would be fantastic.

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