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Originally Posted by Deejay View Post
Right, I'm going to get straight into this,
Whilst I'm playing on my DK I want to have Towelliee's tank interface as I tank on my DK... but then on my Priest I want to have Shadowmage's UI for healing, but the thing is, I don't know how to set up my addon/wtf folders so that the game recognises that I want the seperate interfaces for the different alts and I was wondering if it was possible? Like I know that you can enable/disable certain addons for different alts but I want to be able to merge the different profiles for the addons and then be able to switch between them all with a click of a button or something

One of the major issues with this can come from the saved variables folder. Unless both compilations use separate addons the data from one layout will overwrite the existing when you copy them. As stated reflux can help though I'm am not sure you can use it to save info from separate WTF folders. The merging you mentioned is the hard part.

One tedious but effective way is to have 2 different WTF folders and swap them out when you change characters. You would have to log all the way out to do this however. You can try looking through the saved variables folders and copying over data from one to the other for addons that are not already there. This will get you part way.

As for the shared ones i know of no simple way to merge the data. You might get lucky and have both compilations use entirely separate addons.

Once set up with reflux you can macro the command to change the UI's. Ive done this with my own UI layouts with great success. Log in. Click the macro for the UI i want and I'm all done. I did however create all my own layouts while using reflux from the start.

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