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Originally Posted by Drokym View Post
Yeah unfunny bug! You have 2 way to fix it:

1) Exit the game and login once again
2) Disable all addons and reload them (UI reload needed)

This 2 way fix the unusable quest items from the tracker, but the error isn't fix forever, you will get it again in the future. This is my own experience using RealUI (probably this is a bug Blizzard side)
I haven't had time to properly/thoroughly test this, but I do not believe this is true. A simple /reloadui is adequate in my experience.

Every single time I've attempted to use a quest item and been greeted with the error message, doing a /reloadui allowed the quest item to be used. No other steps required.

What I'd like to test (but haven't had the time yet) is the timing of this. If I get a quest with an item that needs to be used, can I /reloadui immediately and it will work later on no matter what else I do? Is there some taint that occurs between receiving the quest and the time you actually use the item? If you use the item immediately after receiving the quest will you get the error? All questions I cannot answer at this point.
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