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Thanks for all the replies.

Originally Posted by Barjack View Post
I tried contacting Wowhead a couple of times about scraping their data without much luck (never got a response) and in the end I just decided to go ahead and do it since I wasn't going to use it for any nefarious purpose.
That's good to know, thank-you. If I end up needing to scrape from Wowhead, I'll just do it.

Originally Posted by Banknorris View Post
Maybe those are the files you need (let me know if you can't see them):

I used the same technique as in this thread:
These look very much like the files I need, yes. Thank-you very much for uploading them. I've had a look through them all and it looks like they are missing the pet names. It's possible that they are missing other information as well, but I can't easily tell as only the column types (not the names) have been kept. With some time, I might be able to deduce what statistic each column represents, but it certainly won't be easy when there are lots of columns of ints.

This is definitely the best find so far, though. I should be able to match the speciesId from these csvs with the speciesId from the breedsperpet csv (obtained by converting the spreadsheet from petsear.ch to a csv) to get the pet names. I'm very grateful for these csvs.

Originally Posted by elcius View Post
wowhead scraping will be the easiest option.
for pet data:
Thanks for the suggestion. As I understand it, this method would require me to visit each of the pages manually. As there are over 700 player-ownable pets, this would take a while. A greater problem, though, is that the ability information obtained in this way would not be comprehensive enough. For example, it ignores all status effects (DoT damage, weather and all other buffs/debuffs).
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